About Liz

Liz has been a part of Candi’s Playschool for the past 8 years where she has taught the 3 turning 4 and 4 turning 5 classes.

From 2018 Liz stepped into the role of Principal and has a hands-on approach with the daily running of the school as well as prep planning and weekly meetings with the staff. Liz has an open-door policy with Parents and believes that in the interest of the children at Candi’s  Playschool, we need to work in partnership with Parents to ensure that each child reaches their full potential.

Liz is a major part of who we are at Candi’s and her attention to detail and personal interest in each family contributes to the way in which she leads the staff and loves the children in her care.  She strongly believes that each child is a unique flower that blossoms in their own time, given the right opportunities in an environment that is safe and happy. Such is the environment at Candi’s Playschool.

Liz is the proud Mom of an adult daughter and son and Granny to two granddaughters.