Turning 2 Class

All the children in this group will turn two during the course of the year. Around this age many children start to need the extra stimulation that Playschool brings. We offer a three or five day school week for this age.

At Candi’s Playschool we feel it is very important for our little ones to have age appropriate play equipment as well as the opportunity to explore their playground at their own pace. This is why our turning 2’s have their own outside playground separate from the older groups. Their playground includes jungle gyms, bikes, a sandpit and lots of toddler friendly equipment in a grassy and well shaded area. The classroom is large and sunny and has its own bathroom for nappy changing and potty training.

The little ones in this class are exposed to activities that encourage them to use all of their senses to explore and play and so we incorporate lots of sensory and tactile activities. As this is the children’s first experience with school we want them to feel safe and secure in the care of their teacher and teacher’s assistant. With a maximum of 15 children in the class, this group follows a flexible daily routine making sure for lots of time for play.