Turning 3 Class

All children in this group will turn 3 during the course of the year. These little ones have a growing independence and so activities are to encourage them to do more for themselves with guidance from their class teacher and assistant. This class is sunny with a large outdoor patio for the messier activities. They have their own bathroom where potty training or nappy changing takes place.

While the emphasis is still on fun and play at this age, there are more structured activities on offer to encourage concentration as well as fine motor skills. Lots of gross motor activities are incorporated into the daily routine as is music and movement. Sensory and tactile activities are important for this age group and the children particularly love to cook, mix, squish and experiment with the many messy play activities.

This age group plays on our big playground where they can run, ride bikes, climb, cook in our mud kitchen and play to their heart’s delight.

Children in this age group are welcome to attend school on a three or five day week.