Turning 4’s and Turning 5’s

The children in these groups are required to meet more objectives to ensure that they are fully prepared for formal schooling in Grade 00 and Grade R and so their teacher works closely with each child on an individual level to ensure that they are able to reach their full potential. We believe that children learn concepts through a concrete and hands on approach and so worksheets do not play a very large role in the class, instead concepts are taught using apparatus that the children can feel and manipulate in real life. Children learn through their senses and so there is lots of opportunity for the children to learn through various sensory and tactile activities and these are incorporated into all aspects of learning. Activities such as Show and Tell become more of a favourite and is a fantastic way to build confidence and language skills. While there is more structure to the curriculum in these age groups, we encourage learning through play and the emphasis is only actively doing and exploring.

This classroom is a large and busy classroom and has their own bathroom attached with both small and a large toilets for the children.